YOU are the "value-added"

This past week, Passport LLC hosted Jeffery Combs as part of our Guest Speaker program. Those that have been involved in our industry for a while may recognize his name and perhaps even heard a presentation he has given through his Golden Mastermind system or Networking University.

As I listened to this meeting, I began to think about what makes one's experience in MLM unique and effective.

In the world of merchandising, there is a term called "value-added". This typically is used to define an additional level of service added to offer higher value in the particular product being sold to perspective customers. In some industries like the music and video business which is part of my background, we would prepare selected products in end-cap displays, long-box music CD's, or make VHS products in rental-ready cases.

In the direct-selling, MLM environment - where could the value be added?


It certainly must begin with marketing a product or service that possesses some actual market value. The products must be fairly priced and are comprised of good quality. The company should support a high level of customer service as well as a commitment towards its associates and their business growth.

But truly, the critical element of value added comes from the individual business owner/associate. Each brings their honesty, integrity, commitment, personal values, goals and desires, to each transaction in the process of building their business. This is key to recognize and embrace. This cannot be taught or bought through any predetermined business system. Nor can it faked through rehearsed scripting models.

How can you bring this forward in your business?

Is your organization consistent with your personal values? Can you talk about your products and/or opportunity without feeling pangs of guilt? Does your business allow you to express yourself without the pretense of a "Stepford Wives" persona?

This can be a great business for just about anyone but it will not be for everyone. There will always be people that will conduct themselves without regard to integrity or honesty. This is unfortunate but true. The exciting and, even redeeming, fact is: we can change this by making ourselves the real "value-added" for our customers and business associates and all those we come in contact with in our lives.


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