I have recently begun studying the martial art Aikido. For many years I have wanted to learn a martial art as a serious pursuit. Years ago, a friend began teaching me, very informally but these lessons ended when I relocated with my career changes. One of my goals for 2005 is to begin, in earnest, training in Aikido.

I chose Aikido because it is deceptively subtle, as martial arts are concerned, and it's primary objective is not to deliver destructive blows to injure your opponent but rather to redirect the opposing force. Aikido is primarily a defensive regime. It teaches the concept of balance, both physical and spiritual, and calls the ethical choices in considering the appropriate technique for self-defense.

Today, I was reading in a student handbook and read of the etiquette expected at a dojo. There is a tremendous emphasis upon showing respect and being responsible for your conduct, on and off the mat. Some may say that, in today's culture, this is woefully lacking.

What does this have to do with MLM?

I read a passage that struck me as significant in just about any undertaking and, I believe, something we need to remind ourselves of more regularly.

None of us knows all there is to know about any particular interest or study and we all have been beginners at least one time or another. The more experienced among us should take time to help those that are just starting out. Exercise patience and understanding that our individual experiences present a different paradigm. Adopting a new culture of learning and growth is often challenging and in building strength within our businesses and our lives, we should seek to achieve greater understanding with those we encounter.

Domo Arigato


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