Multiple Streams Of Activity

I have had several conversation lately with associates seeking advice about building their businesses. The common thread in these conversations begun with the question,
"what's the best way to market my business?"

The honest answer to this question is that I do not know what the singular best way to market a business. Despite what many organization may try to pawn off on their business associates, I do not believe that this problem can be addressed by subscribing to a system, per se. I believe that each person's situation is unique relative to their skill set and their personality and their respective efficiency (comfort level) in completing any number of methods.

My experience has been that I needed to have many plates spinning to create the broadest net of exposure. I also found that I attained my best results by applying more creative solutions in promoting my products and the business opportunity. System-based training has little tolerance for creativity however. Many of these organization tend to invoke the acronym, K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) and rely on perpetuating the myth of keeping things duplicatable. Applied technology is by it's nature duplicatable but the equation of process and result with a person's activity is not. Those that market a tape program to teach their "students" various contacting techniques, for example, are effective only if the respondent knows the words they are supposed to say. Scripted contacting dialog rarely develops conviction on the part of the speaker and potential clients/associates will sense this. Scripting and lack of immediate profitability for the new enrollee are probably responsible for the short lifespan of the average MLMer, from frustration of not believing what that have been told to say and having the overhead from a training program that is largely ineffective.

There is no magic pill for building an MLM or any other business. The business owner in MLM needs to seek many outlets for promoting their business - both utilizing current technology but also implementing methods used to promote more conventional business types. If you are involved with a business that is "web-based", my advice to you is that you understand that "web-based" does not necessarily mean "web-exclusive". You would be well advised to use ALL resources at your disposal. Do not make the mistake of letting your past efforts or training, exclude you from implementing core concepts. You gotta sell stuff in your business, right? You have to find clients/partners that are in the market for what you are offering?

I have offered ideas to the people I have talked with on the phone. I have tried to present both a conventional and non-conventional list of potential activities for the caller to consider. Some may work and some may not, for that person. I think it is more important to discuss the process rather than a "system". If you have settled on a destination, what means are you willing to consider to get where you want to go? In Jules Verne's story, "Around The World In 80 Days", the means to circumvent the globe were varied. How you achieve your goals will be largely determined by your willingness to surmount your challenges through creative problem solving.


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