Unrequited Mentor

It is more than likely that you do not know the far reaching impression you may have on another's life. Without even realizing, you are mentoring those around you. People are impacted, perhaps only in subtle ways, by even chance association with you. Mentoring does not always have to be a purposeful activity, by either you or those seeking counsel and influence.

I learned today that a man I have considered to be a mentor for me, passed away over the weekend. I did not really know this man on a significant, personal level. I had only had perhaps a half-dozen conversations with him. Nevertheless, he has had a tremendous effect on me and dramatically changed the course my life had been following prior to "meeting" him.

I encourage everyone to reconsider the impact you have on those you meet. Consider that these "chance" associations can have farther reach effect that may not manifest themselves until a much later date. And, if you come to recognize that you have been touched in some way, whether by intent or otherwise, share that with the person, while you still have the chance.

To one of my earliest mentors, Mark Scott - I owe a tremendous debt. You are missed.



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