What Holds You Back?

I found this post on a great blog site Net Nuggets. The author, Shelley Penny, shares with the reader many of her personal experiences as she has grown into her business. Here's a clip from an article titled,"Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable."
I look back on that time and find it pretty funny now, but then it was the absolute end of my world. I didn't want to grow. I wanted the comfort and security of familiar things.

What I realize now is that living things MUST grow. If there is no growth, then there is no life.

This is significant. So many people grow physically, but never allow themselves to grow in other ways. I have returned to places I had moved on from years ago, only to find many of the same people doing the exact same things they were doing back then. They have taken their lives and wrapped them in the comfort and familiarity of things they know, in much the same way as I tried to wrap myself in the comfort and familiarity of that dress. They are still talking about the same things, eating the same foods, following the same routines. Oh, their children have grown, they have a little gray around the temples and maybe a little more or a little less around the middle, but everything else is exactly the same.

Have they really LIVED??
Read the entire post.

I recently discovered Shelley's site and have enjoyed her perspective and insight.


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