The right tool for the job

Throughout network marketing, without question the tool business is booming. While I was in Quixtar and Amway, cassette tapes, ad-packs, video tapes, various tri-fold literature, and the snazzy business card cd-rom were the mainstays of the tool arsenal. After venturing into other MLMs, I found there were much more serious weapons of mass prospecting. Contact managers, autoresponders, lead capture pages, flash presentations were tools I had never been exposed to before.

Was it the result of more adaptive technology? Were the companies using these new devices less restrictive in their applications or had they taken a page from others playbook and struck some sort of endorsement deal with a tenured MLM muckety-muck?

Whatever the case, there are a bunch of fancy toys that the fledgling MLMer can tap into and..... and..... do whatever fledgling MLMer do with them.....which is mostly.....fail.


I am of the belief that this new breed of tools is targeted at people with more money than sense. People that are looking for a device that will allow them to shed the burden and responsibility of ....WORK. People that seek the magic pill to cure their years of poor health habits. People that seek to erase years of poor financial planning and invest in their future by praying for six numbers in the Powerball.

Bottom line.....you already have the only tool you really need to be successful. In MLM or any other pursuit, the single best tool you can possess is already yours. Your mind - your independent and creative mind - the mind that establishes and protects your values - the mind that seeks solutions for any problem that confronts you.

Go ahead and buy the gadgets if you wish but until you can focus your mind and heart on the matter, you will be wasting your time and money. The sad thing is, I believe that is exactly what some of those tool marketers have come to count on.


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