Onward and Upward

For some time, I have considered closing up shop here at MLM Today. A point made obvious by the erratic posting habits the past several months. Although, when I have shared this thought with those close to me, I was somewhat convinced to keep rolling, I find that I can no longer contribute much value to the extent I initially intended.

MLM Today was started as a way to share meaningful ideas and constructive discussions about the profession of network marketing. It began with the best of intentions but I found myself swallowed up in several, shall we say, spirited debates that were, in retrospect, entirely useless. By the time I pulled my head out of my own ass to realize this departure, I had created a reputation for myself that was prohibitive in my ability to convey much that could be helpful.

I have tried the past many months to correct for my poor judgment in hopes of being able to compile helpful information for those seriously involved or interested in our profession. I do not believe that will be possible here and after a discussion with a new friend earlier tonight, I am more certain of my decision than ever.

There are several people that have their encouragement and support early on in my blogging experience. This has meant a great deal to me. Thanks also to the regular readers that have continued to visit here, leave the occasional comment, and otherwise witness the train wreck called MLM Today.

It is time to move on to other things now. Besides, how many more times could I redesign this page?

See ya' in the funny papers.



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