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I have noticed some very lively discussions on other blogs involving the question of "due diligence". Perhaps to aid in offering a framework for what could be considered viable questions, I offer the following list I found in the book, "Network Marketing For Dummies" by Zig Ziglar and John P. Hayes Ph.D.

For anyone interested, here they are:
  • Would the integrity of the company's leadership inspire you to follow them?
  • Is the company mission-driven or get-rich-quick motivated?
  • Does the company's corporate philosophy fit your personal philosophy?
  • Does the company sell products at retail?
  • Does the company have a proven and effective track record?
  • Does the company's product line include a reasonable number of consumables?
  • Does the company depend on glitz, glitter, and hype to sell it's opportunity, or will the company and opportunity survive a factual examination of the claims made at company-sponsored opportunity meetings?
  • Would the company's income and product claims pass muster with regulatory bodies, or do they sound too good to be true?
  • Would the opportunity give you a real chance to make a positive difference in the lives of those you sponsor into the business?
  • Does the company want to load you up with products that you must sell before you can recoup your investment?
  • Does the company tell you in understandable terms what volume of activity you must maintain in order to receive the residual income from the organization you have built?
  • Does the local Better Business Bureau have a file of unresolved claims against the company?
  • Do you expect the company or your upline to bring people into your business or do your work for you?
  • Are you totally convinced of the righteousness of your cause and of its value to those you will work with?
  • Do you understand why it's important to become a product of the product?
  • If you succeed with this company, would you have more of the things that money will buy and all the things money won't buy?

  • From "Questions you should ask before joining a Network Marketing Company" - Zig Ziglar and John P. Hayes

There are many more questions that you may have in mind but I found these were a bit more uncommon, particularly within the context of some board discussions. I believe these questions are as valid as any one should seek answers for and should be considered as part of any "due diligence" all marketers should encourage.


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