My View Of The Paradox

Several posts ago, I spoke of the Paradox of MLM Blogs. Fellow blogger, Dave Robison offered his comment and wondered
"Do you think the glut of "so much written about a business we keep telling people is so simple" will become ineffective for MLM purposes?"
I would answer this question with a determined "no", I do not believe it will become ineffective. I base my reason for my answer on the premise I once heard from Jeffery Combs. He said,
"Success is a process but it is also a choice."

My belief is that each of us travels a unique course in life and considers a business like MLM with different skills and experience when we begin. The web, more specifically the blogs, present such a wide variety of information which, if shared honestly, relates the authors acceptance and understanding of the process. Those that may read this multitude of experience may not be ready or able to integrate it into a coherent, cohesive form for effective use. It could be due to word selection by the author, existing paradigms of both the writer and visitor, as well as the current training program the reader may be utilizing.

Another quote attributed to Lao Tzu states,
"when the student is ready, the teacher will appear"
may be the case here. I have experienced this many times myself. I have built a large library of books and CD's. I may have listened to or read some material many times only to "discover" something I swear I did not realize was there.

Despite the fact that we may read many posts about what is essentially the same subject again and again, we are favored by what may be a unique expression. We may receive it at just the right moment when we are most receptive to absorbing it's meaning. It most certainly permits the author yet another chance to validate for themselves the concepts and with a little luck, reach the reader who may be seeking the same.

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