I have been notified by Blogger that this page can now be switched over to the new system. I have played with some of the new features on a test page. Are there any bloggers that have made this jump yet? How do you like the various improvements? Are they?

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Blogger Aaron Cook said...

Hey Dave!

Actually, I just made the switch this week. And overall, I realy like the new version - though I haven't had a ton of time in which to test it.

Publishing and republishing is definitely a whole lot quicker! Plus, I'm really liking the fact that you can label (tag) each post by category. I've been wanting that option since day one.

Now, I've not yet "upgraded" my actual template since I don't like the idea of losing all of my previous HTML changes and additions, so I'm waiting until I have a TON of time on hand so that I can go through that tedious process.

But once I do, I'm quite sure I'll enjoy the new widgets and page elements they offer - as well as the ease of reordering them, etc.

Yeah, so to answer your question...

So far, I really, really like New Blogger. And though I was initially very hesitant to switch over, it certainly seems to be a great improvement. I'm quite impressed, pleased and happy with it.

But how about your switch? How are things on your end? Did you fully move over yet?

Shine on,

January 20, 2007  
Blogger Dave Stone said...

Hi Aaron,

I have moved most of my pages to the new Blogger now. MLM Today has been moved but not the template yet.

I, too, was attracted to many improvements in areas that Blogger was noticeably lacking compared to other blogging platforms. The ones you mention were of particular interest for me as well.

I am now confronted with the task of converting templates and rebuilding my site. With all that I have loaded on this page, it will take quite a while.

If I had any complaints, it would be these;

Team blogs are forced into "compliance" if any one of the members switched to the new Blogger. The site is effectively locked out until all members switch or create a new identity under the old blogger system.(I am not sure if that is actually possible anymore.)

I had several different blogger accounts, each with multiple pages. In order to continue keeping these segregated, I had to also create the same number of corresponding Google accounts or risk having these pages consolidated. In one case, I lost all profile data from one user account on old blogger in favor of the new blogger profile of a merged account. Not a big deal really, wasted a little time that was not expected.

I am encouraged by the number of sites with the new Blogger hacks and templates that are available.

January 22, 2007  

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