MLM Today - Opportunity Profile: Usana

In the spirit of the New Year and setting goals, I am starting a series that will provide some basic information on the many MLM companies that currently occupy the home business landscape. I have dubbed it the "MLM Today - Opportunity Profile".

Periodically, I will cast the spotlight on a network marketing/direct sales company to aid those that may be seeking an opportunity that best fits their specific needs.

This week, I have chosen Usana for the inaugural entry. Currently, Usana is ranked at the #1 position of MLM companies according to the Alexa rankings.

Here is a bit about the history of the company and it's founders:
USANA Health Sciences has become one of America's leading companies in the field of health and nutrition. The two main reasons are: (1) a superior product line that you can always trust, and (2) an innovative network marketing program that amply rewards both the average and ambitious Distributor.

Company founder Myron Wentz, Ph.D., is a world-renowned pioneer in cell-culture technology. In the early 70s, he founded Gull Laboratories, which soon became the world's leading producer of commercially-available diagnostic test kits for viruses. While Gull played a critical role in the world health arena, Dr. Wentz always felt that disease prevention was as important as detection.

He and other scientists were finding that our environment, lifestyle, and diet factors were continually eroding our health. One of the most significant research findings has been the value of antioxidants in countering the negative effect of "free radicals" in the human body. Free radicals are believed to be the cause of many degenerative diseases, and spawn from a variety of factors including pollution, high-fat diets, lack of exercise, and smoking.

You can read more about Usana, it's products and opportunity by visiting the company website.



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