All That Hard Work....pfft.

In March 2006, a new MLM blog page appeared called MLM Liberal. The author of this page fused an anti-Amway, anti-Quixtar opinion with a pro-Democrat agenda. Just prior to the holiday, the author announced that he was shutting down his site and taking up new digs.

Today, I noticed there was a new post at the site but there was something different. The url was the same but the site is now called "a liberal in Amway?" and it has a new owner. Now the site is owned by an "insider" that has many sites promoting the positive aspects of the Amway/Quixtar business.

Was the site "sold" to insider by the former owner? I have my doubts about this as I know how much he disliked the whole Alticor clan. I have read recently though about abandoned urls in the Blogger network being "claimed" to set up search pages.


Hat tip: QuixtarBlog


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Dave.

Noticed someone was trying to take advantage of my leaving the blogosphere.

I actually closed my Blogger account to focus on my SFI business, as well as to improve my social life.

But just as I try to achieve both, I'm involved in the fight over a format change with Columbus' progressive talk station.

Rest assured, I didn't sell the blog. I'll have a new blog soon, but the focus will change.

You can catch my commercials starting January 22 on the live stream of RadioFreeOhio.org.

Sean Gilbow
formerly MLM Liberal
Affiliate of the SFI Marketing Group

January 04, 2007  

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