MLM Spin Cycle

File this under "everybody has one" -

From a few blogs related to Network Marketing, I found these tidbits that one may find interesting.

At the Quixtar IT Blog, the headline reads "Quixtar.com Ranks #1". Seems Quixtar was top of the heap for "website consistency" which is a good thing for users but will no doubt be spun into a completely different interpretation by the faithful. Speaking of editorial license, check out the recent post at Quixtarblog. The post titled "The IBO Echo Chamber" focuses on some of the commonly used and overused "exaggerations" found in some presentations by folks in that business. Hey, MLM is an equal opportunity....ah, opportunity and even idiots can join. This next item might also be subtitled, "Don't Kill The Messenger". At MLM blog, author Ty Tribble posted a news item about concerns over EcoQuest's Air Purifier. Seeing reader reactions to various other items Ty has posted, I am sure there will be more than one pissed off EcoQuest rep.

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