Five Ways To Heat Up Your Cold Distributors

Like many networkers, I receive several regular newsletters from different MLM trainers. Here is the most recent I received from Michael Clouse. Michael is the Editor of Nexera e-News and the former Editor-In-Chief of Upline Magazine. Here is some additional background about Michael as well as a copy of his newsletter.

Michael Clouse
In addition to over 50 published articles on the subject of Network Marketing, Michael is the author of: Recipe for Success, Learning The Business One Story At A Time, The Fifth Principle, 28 Days To Your New Future, Mastering The Fundamentals, The Secret to Developing Leaders, Future Choice, Your Prospecting Toolbox, The Simple Art of Duplication, Thinking Your Way To Success, and Building A Better Life.

Certified as a Network Marketing Professional by the University of Illinois at Chicago, Michael is an experienced success coach and a dynamic educational speaker.

Often quoted by best-selling author Richard Poe in The Wave 3 Way To Building Your Downline, and Poe's subsequent book, Wave 4, Michael's background includes extensive experience in direct sales, motivational psychology and Network Distribution.

Five Ways To Heat Up Your Cold Distributors
by Michael S. Clouse

Water has always fascinated me. Freeze it, thaw it out and watch it return to its original form. Liquid to solid to liquid once again... Now try that with an egg!

Indeed, this wonderfully refreshing "two parts hydrogen one part oxygen" nutritional chaser is incredible stuff.

For example, did you know that water never freezes at exactly 32 degrees? It's true. And here's the amazing part--ice at 32 degrees will never thaw! Seems as though water is in some sort of suspended animation at 32 degrees.

Ever have any distributors stuck at 32 degrees? You know, the ones who attend your business briefing every week and never bring a guest? They're in, and yet not in-terested enough to do anything. They don't quit, and yet they don't work the business either. They just seem, well, suspended at 32 degrees...

I'm not sure if Yogi Berra, the great New York Yankee's manager, knew about this 32 degree thing when he said, "Nothing happens until something happens." But I'll bet even Yogi faced this same dilemma with his players...

What do you suppose he did?

Although we'll probably never know for sure about Yogi, I have prepared a surefire way to heat up your 32 degree distributors. It's called, The Sponsoring Rule of Five. And if you're serious about your success, give it a try--because the results will astound you...

To finish reading this week's Nexera e-News article, go here: http://www.nexera.com and select any "Nexera e-News" link!


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