MLM Today - Spotlight on Education - Jeffery Combs

In my career in Network Marketing, I consider myself very fortunate to have met so many great and interesting people and to have experienced many unique situations. As Vice-President of Passport LLC, I was able to view networking from a different perspective.

One area that I am particularity proud of is my role in the development and support of our Associate Training program. Through our Guest Speaker program, we were able to bring a varied selection of approaches, techniques, and philosophies to the attendees of our free conference calls. At the time, there were not many other companies in MLM that had such a program or the access.

Making contact with the various speakers afforded me the opportunity to learn about their approach and experiences as we would discuss the focus of that particular session.

One person who has made a tremendous impact on me is Jeffery Combs.

Not only was Jeffery one of our featured guests, but I had the opportunity to attend one of his seminar events in Chicago last year. During this event, Jeffery and I had a few chances during the breaks to talk in a more relaxed environment.
I own many of Jeffery Combs' audio programs and books. I still attended his free conference calls fairly regularly. If you have not yet listened to any of Jeff's conferences, check out his web site for the call schedule or his audio archive.

Here's a snip from his site -
Jeff has personally consulted with over 1500 clients since 1998, and is highly sought after by start-up companies as well as established businesses seeking to expand their profitability through distributor training programs. He is the author of the highly inspiring books More Heart Than Talent and Psychologically Unemployable as well as over fourteen other motivational and personal development products. His books and audio training programs benefit entrepreneurs and direct sales people at all levels of conscious development.

As the President of Golden Mastermind Seminars Inc., Jeff is committed to assisting people change the way they feel in order to achieve their goals and dreams!

Jeff is available to you and your company for consulting, and will be happy to offer a special package of training materials and professional guidance developed to assist you and your company to create maximum results now!



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