Wes Huff Named Executive VP Operations for Univera LifeSciences

Wes Huff Named Executive VP Operations for Univera LifeSciences :: News :: Natural and Nutritional Products Industry Center:
"Lacey, WA – October 11, 2006: Univera LifeSciences, the world’s leading healthy- aging relationship marketing company, announced the hiring of E. Wesley Huff to the position of Executive Vice President Operations.

“We are very pleased to bring on such a qualified direct marketing operations executive with deep experience in global supply chain management, manufacturing and distribution,” said Stuart Ochiltree, CEO. “Wes will lead the operations growth as we undertake significant domestic and global expansion of Univera Life Sciences.”

“I’m proud to be joining this management team with the vision and integrity to set a new standard in relationship marketing.” said Huff. “The quality and science behind the products alone made me interested in the company, but its forward thinking is what made me eager to join them.”

Huff ‘s background includes 28 years of operations experience with the past 11 focused upon direct marketing supplement products, including two years as Global Supply Chain Director with XanGo, three years handling Business Development for Evince, and six years with the Pharmanex division of NuSkin as Senior Director of Supply Chain Management. "



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