Is Network Marketing Dead and Buried?

Is Network Marketing Dead and Buried?:
"The idea of traditional network marketing is that everyone you know should be your customer (irrespective if they wanted, needed or could afford your product), and everyone you know should be one of your distributors (whether or not they had an ounce of motivation).

This made things worse - with such a small target audience of the people around you, the only way to sell your products, was to SELL. And the only way to get people to join your scheme was to SELL that to.

This made some realise that they could NEVER do network marketing - let's face it, there aren't many people who do like selling to earn money - the negative picture of trying to talk somebody in to something that they don't really want, and the ensuing rejection is enough to put anyone off for life.

So what's changed things?"

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dave_Powell


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