The Greatests In MLM

How many times have you heard or read that before?

I'm not "pimping" my network marketing company and I'm not going to list the usual litany of reasons for having your own MLM business. Don't get me wrong - I believe in both my current company and the advantages one can experience through a business of their own. I want to offer a twist to the predictable hype-speak.

I believe, based on my experiences, there are many greatest things we can experience as we pursue our definition of success and prosperity.

Network Marketing is a business of people and relationships. It is a business of moving products to an end user by direct marketing.

I have experienced great joy in being able to show people a way to own their own enterprise. I have experienced great regret that I could not reach more people that may need what I can offer.

I have experienced great feelings of self-confidence when called upon to help someone facing challenges within their business activities. I have experienced great feelings of inadequacy that I don't have enough of the answers.

I have reveled in great feelings of achievement for others in my business that are accomplishing major breakthroughs. I have sunk into great feelings of disappointment when others in my business have vanished.

I have listened with great respect and attentiveness to others express their vision for their future. I have listened with great skepticism to others that have tried to convince me by saying things they think I want to hear.

The greatest thing about MLM is the people. It can be great in both the positive and negative sense. I think the biggest challenge we may face is learning to temper both equally. Keep your "highs" low and your "lows" high. Do not discount your "gut instincts". Say what you mean and mean what you say and, if you are honest, your actions will reveal your intent and your character. Expect the same in return from those in your association.


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