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This snip from a Work At Home Dad site. The author offers some initial explanation of what distinguishes a legitimate biz-op vs. pyramid. I have clipped his summary of what he feels are the positive and negative aspects of a network marketing business.

Dads Connect.com
The Benefits Of MLM:

Successful MLM companies understand the importance of training their distributors and creating systems that assist their distributors in making sales and building their businesses, online and off. With A good MLM company, you receive support from your upline (the person that originally brought you into the company) as well as the company itself.The systems provided are usually easy to follow and duplicate with little technical skill.

The Downside of MLM -

There are two main downsides with MLM, the main one is that a lot of people have misconceptions about what it really is. Many people want to lump true, legitimate multi-level marketing companies with the illegal scams and pyramids. Fortunately, as the growth of MLMs online has expanded - this myth is being quickly reversed, as ordinary people are changing their lives through network marketing online!

The second issue? MLMs DO require a monetary, and usually ongoing investment. But don’t let this deter you - some of our most successful ventures have had very minimal expenses, and most of them are for products and services that we spend money on monthly anyway. The expense was already in our budget - but now we have the added benefit of building a business with those dollars at the same time!
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