Equalization of Opportunity?

Is it reasonable to maintain an expectation of success with every opportunity? We certainly hope that we will prevail in any endeavor we undertake but the reality is that this will not occur. Why?

Obviously, some opportunities are better than others. Fairly clear, right? Among rational thinking people, this would be a given but I am finding there exists a mindset that an opportunity cannot be valid unless it contains some form of guarantee. I spend a fair amount of time working with cold market leads and I have encountered more than my share of people seeking that form of reassurance from me.

I have commented in several posts about the pending FTC rule this past week. As I visit other sites, I am honestly surprised by few things I have discovered.
  • First, there is an almost apathetic reference to the pending rules by those that claim to be the "ambassadors" of the profession.
  • Second, the comments by some that had not achieved their goals within a particular company suggest some form of retribution is their pursuit.
  • Third, the myopic view of some networkers willing to accept these rules incrementally.

To those that support the Federal Trade Commission's attempt to equalize all business opportunities, I have this question;

Exactly, how will these new requirements improve the likelyhood of anyone's success in a home based business?


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