An Independence Dedication

I have been given to thinking recently about a man who had been a mentor to me beginning in the early 1980's. His name was Mark Scott. Mark was a talk radio host in my hometown of Detroit and I began listening to his show about 1981. I learned a great deal through the information and guests he had on his show. Most importantly, Mark stressed doing one's own research and form your opinion based on the best available information at your disposal. Unlike many talk show's today, Mark Scott did not want listeners to be lemmings.
Mark Scott passed away in April 2005.

There were two particular sayings that Mark would use that I have adopted as my own. For those that may have communicated with me via email, I close with the exclamation,
"Excelsior" a statement that Scott would use to close his show. The other was an expression that he probably did not create but was very significant.

With this being the 230th Anniversary of the US Declaration of Independence, I share this now, in honor of the man who passed before and all those, particularly the 56 signers of the document we should hold dear. Those that pledged their lives and their fortunes to the prospect of achieving freedom for all peoples of the United States or be hung in the gallows; and to those that love their freedom as they do their last breath of air -

"I love my country .... but I fear my government."

Mark Scott 1936-2005


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