Free Leads From The FTC

You read that right. You may be wondering what you have to do to cash in on what will be a tidal wave of prospects? Do NOTHING! In short order, the Federal Trade Commission will do it all for you.

Here's how it works:
1. Visit any lead capture site or home business page offering a free newsletter or magazine.
2. This will automatically place your contact information in the database of people seeking information about home business opportunities. (You will only need to do this one time. This program is incredibly viral.)
3. Wait for the phone calls from aspiring marketers from several different marketing companies. (Leads lists are notorious for being sold many times over to several different organizations, often within the same company.)
4. The Business Opportunity Rule (R511993) will require ALL marketers to provide you with a list of the last ten people who purchased their biz-op. (These are guaranteed FRESH leads, by the way.)
5. Poof! Instant FREE leads courtesy of the Federal Trade Commission.

And who says the government isn't working hard for you.


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