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At Network Marketing for Women, author Kim Klaver has compiled a list of the Top 50 Network Marketing companies. The list is based on internet popularity as determined by Alexa. I'm not going to steal all of Kim's thunder but here is part of the list from her post.

The bottom 10 from the list of Top 50

40. Pharmanex 73,875 -1
41. Neways 74,225 -1
42. Nikken 75,780 -6
43. Immunotec 84,985 -1
44. Nature's Sunshine 86,022 -3
45. Unicity 87,498
46. Send Out Cards 91,091
47. Young Living 94,947
48. Life Wave 101,071
49. Vita Mark 115,277
50. Reliv 117,186

NOTE: This list does not include affiliate programs. No enroller sites, landing pages or distributor websites. No shopping discount programs if they are not really network marketing. We correct and update errors as we find them.

If a company has gone up or down in rank, we indicate the change as + or -. Those whose ranks did not change have no mark...
Check out the complete list at Kim's site.


Blogger Kim Klaver said...

Thanks, Dave.

Your site is looking good! Very happy you enjoy some of my stuff.

The feeling's mutual.

July 10, 2006  

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