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Looking at my post summary on Blogger, I am closing in on 500 entries. I have begun reading about hosting this page recently. After reading about how easy and fun-filled this process can be, I figure it can't hurt too much.

In the meantime, I am adding a couple of new elements here that may be fun.

  • I have added "Favorite Posts From The MLM Today Archives" section in the sidebar.
  • Starting today, I am adding a new weekly series, "MLM Today A.O.W. (Acronym Of the Week)".
  • The MLM Today Reader Poll will continue but will likely become a monthly item. I have added links to past poll results.

"What's the catch?", you may ask. "How much is this gonna cost?", would be a good follow-up question. Let me assure you that these value-added features will not add one red cent to your current budget. That's right. Free!


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