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My friend Ty Tribble has been beta testing his MLM Blog Network with a handful of writers and is now ready to bring on additional bloggers.

The MLM Blog Network hosts free blogs for Network Marketers. Ty asks you to write about the company and products you represent. You get leads and customers because of Ty's web site ranking and the content you produce. Ty gets revenue from the advertising on the site. If you would like to author a blog, email: mlmblog@mlmblog.net

MLM Network Marketing Training Blog - BlogFire from Doug Firebaugh and PassionFire
MLM Training- The Success Secrets of Powerful Three Way Calling
By Doug Firebaugh

Three way calling! Three way calling! You gotta do three way calling in MLM!

You may be wondering what all the talk is about concerning three way calling in MLM and Network marketing.. Good point! You need to have an understanding of what it is, and basics of doing it. It is an effective way to do this business and very cost effective as well.

Net Nuggets
Goal Setting
What better discussion in January that that of goal setting.
The following artice is tremendous.
I couldn't have said it better myself !

You Gotta Have Goals....
by: Robert A Crutchfield
Kingdom Relationship Ministries

I've always found it interesting that a ship cannot be steered unless it is moving at a certain minimum speed. Those who navigate everything from small to massive ships call this "steerage." Steerage is the exact point at which choosing a ship's direction becomes possible. Of course a ships' pilot also has charts, other publications, and a variety of tools to help him know in great detail where the ship should go. As people goals are what give momentum and motion to our movements, goals are how we know where to go, how far we have been, and how far we have yet to travel. Goals are the human equivalent of the navigators charts,and tools.

Kim Klaver Blog
How to talk to a woman
Episode One. "The closers are coming! The closers are coming!"

How many of you have been urged to bring your prospects to events so the top bananas can "close" them for you?

Does your company have a national tour coming up where they've pleaded with you to bring your best people, so the CEO or other electrifying top banana can explain everything once and for all, show them the vision, and then CLOSE all those skeptical prospects for you once and for all?

Close. Close. Close.

MLM Blog
The Value of Samples - Part I

What the (Network Marketing) world needs now...is a little simplification. This article is an introduction to series of posts on the value of samples. The idea for the series was conceived after reading a post about free samples at On The Road With Dave.

Hopefully by now you know that money can be made in Network Marketing by selling products and sponsoring people. I know you were told by your upline that there are 9 steps to success, but they lied. There are only two steps and they center around the product.

On The Road With Dave
What Have I Done?

Employment provides people with more than just a paycheck. It sometimes identifies their purpose in life and their passion. Sometimes it molds their personality through success or disappointments. And still other times it provides them with experiences that shape their lives.

In my life, I have had many jobs that paid well in money, and other times paid well(or poorly) in experiences. If anything, they have provided me with "a story to tell" for almost any topic of conversation.

Network Marketing Inspiration
Lack Of Product Knowledge

In my opinion, one of the quickest ways to lose a potential customer is to fumble around information if they ask you a product-related question.

Get to know your products - they're the reason you're getting paid. If you're chatting with someone who has questions that you can't answer, simply say "That's a good question. I'll have to get back to you on that". Not only are you honest, but it's also a good reason to keep the lines of communication open with them.


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