Thank You Quixtar

In the early days of writing this blog, I would routinely vent my spleen about my negative experiences with Amway and later, Quixtar. It took a little time but I eventually was able to purge those ghosts (for the most part) and move into embracing the advantages of owning a network marketing enterprise.

I have no illusions about the impact this page makes in the lives of others. I have a very small readership and hardly consider my particular opinions as very influential, unlike a few other pages contained in my blogroll. I have made a few online friends as a result and been fortunate to establish offline relationship from my blogging.

I was asked to speak at a seminar last year and afterwards, I met several of the attendees. We talked about blogging as a marketing tool in MLM. I was asked whether I presented my articles in an unbiased, objective manner.

I explained that, in the beginning, I spent far too much time and energy harping on one particular company. I further explained that I am focusing more on industry-related topics and trying to bring subjects related to training and personal development to the forefront.

Having said that, I freely admit that I have my biases. I do not posture myself as being completely objective or anything close to an expert on the subject of Network Marketing (or anything else for that matter.) I have my opinions and my experiences in this type of business. I cannot apologize for them. I apologize only for my inability to communicate effectively as I am not a professional writer. I have made mistakes in how I have expressed myself from time to time and will likely do so again despite my best efforts to the contrary.

This brings me to the title of the post. Thank you Quixtar.

I have come to accept that I owe Quixtar a lot for the incredible good fortune that I have experienced since my involvement with that company. In no small part, Quixtar is responsible for:

- my quitting that business and joining Passport
- developing relationships with people that was genuine and based on mutual trust and respect
- allowed me the great honor of serving as VP of Passport
- to assist others in dealing with their pain associated with their Quixtar / Amway experience
- expanding my association with various trainer / coaches in the business

These are but a few areas where I feel I have benefited due to my Quixtar business. I think there are many of us that owe some measure of our personal success to the influence of Quixtar. Whether an online marketer, IT specialist, journalist, or joe-lunchbucket like me, Quixtar has been a contributor to the process of our successes.

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Anonymous Mark said...

An old saying comes to mind. Whatever challenge doesn,t kill you makes you stonger. Quixtar/Amway opened a whole new industry. We can all be thankful for that and hopefully improve on their business model and make learn from their mistakes.
Mark Caprin-Burg

January 31, 2006  

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