MLM Today Reader Poll # 4

Training and information is a major component in Network Marketing and there is a great variety of sources available to the marketer today. There are blogs page like MLM Today and many others that present a variety of thoughts, opinion, and information that may prove useful. In addition, there are many generic training programs that have helped to educate networkers regardless of the company affiliation. Just about every organization offers some level of expanded training and field support through live seminar-based training or downloads and teleconferences. You may also subscribe to one or several print publications available.

Which source would you say is your primary method for expanding your comfort zone and seeking innovative ideas to improve your business result?

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Blogger JBNET said...

Hey Dave!

Send me an email with a current return email address for you. The one I have keeps saying you are away???

I started a new blog -

Wordpress is a Blog service that was recommended by fellow Cognigen agents. Thought I would give it a try.

Hope all is well! Stay in touch!
Jeff B.

JBNET Communications

January 29, 2006  

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