Tune Up Your Bandwagon

a-gend-a v. : a list or program of things to be done.

Everyone has at least one agenda they pursue, most of us have many. I find it interesting that the word "agenda" is used in the pejorative to convey some sinister or objectionable motive. I have doubts that one can, in Seinfeld-speak, have an agenda of having no agenda. There are no causeless actions. Behind each action, there lies a purpose.

As a Network Marketer, one of my agenda items is to expand my business interests through the cooperative, ethical sale of my products. This allows me to earn commissions from the effort I expend on finding customers that benefit from my goods and services while assisting others to develop their own distribution business.

Why does it seem that so many MLMer's shrink with apologetic resignation in the face of possible criticism? Why do we, the networkers, allow the critics to paint us with the broad brush? Why do we accept that as some secret guilt for which we should feel shame?

The hell with that! I am not responsible for the conduct of others or the policy of any particular company. I reject that I should atone for the unethical practices of others in my profession.

I am not an altruist. I am in networking to make money and to help others do the same through sales of goods and services that are marketable. I earn an income in MLM to tend to the needs of my family and to improve the quality of their lives. I conduct my business honestly, ethically, and with integrity. I require no victims and refuse to offer myself as fodder to possible detractors. If one finds that objectionable, then I can expect they will not join my enterprise.

How many other professions are labeled with the same sort of sweeping generalizations as network marketing? Lawyers? Politicians? Journalists? IRS Auditors? You bet and it's not fair to those individuals either.

We are neither all good nor all bad. We are and stand on the merits of our personal conduct and values we express through our actions.


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