Turning Points

The last few days I have been working with my friend, Bo Short. Bo flew into Indianapolis and together we held several meetings about Oasis LifeSciences. This has been two of the most incredible days for me personally.

Despite the fact that I have been working with Bo for nearly three years, most recently as Vice President of Passport, we had never met in person. Whenever I had mentioned this to people I had talked with, they seemed to be surprised by this given the apparent rapport during conference calls.

As the locations for our meetings here involved a bit of drive time, I had a lot of time to talk with Bo one-on-one. We talked about a great many things outside of any business related subjects. There were certainly plenty of "war stories" from our individual experiences in Amway and Quixtar.

Last night, en route to a meeting, I asked him what he considered to be his major turning points in his life. He shared with me some very personal events as well as very significant business situations.

After dropping him at his hotel, I thought more about what he had shared and began to think about events in my life that I would consider major turning points. I am saying all this to offer that we will all be confronted with periods in our lives that require important decisions.

At times, the decision may only be the method in which you will face your present adversity or hardship. Other times, it may be a directional decision in terms of pursuing a different activity or business. More often than not, I believe the significance of these turning points is unknown to us at the moment we are experiencing them but compound in us through the life process. Even the briefest moment, the simplest gesture, can represent a major turning point in a person's life. The important thing to realize is, the significance will not always be in your life but in the lives of those that are around you, those lives that you touch.

As I drove Bo Short to the airport this morning and was returning home, I realized that, for me, this was one of my major turning points.


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