MLM Today Reader Poll # 1

Here are the results so far on the first poll:

Question: If choosing an MLM, which is MOST important?

Low Start-up Costs (0) 0%
Low Cost Training (2) 22%
High Quality, Exclusive Products (3) 33%
Generous Compensation (2) 22%
Low Cost Websites (0) 0%
Corporate Leadership (1) 11%
Public Vs Privately Held (1) 11%

These results are based on answers provided by 9 readers.
Here are comments that were added to the voting by some of the readers.
  • To the high quality, exclusive products at a competitive price should be added. 01/03/06 8:02:20 AM MST
  • I initially voted for high quality product, but I changed my mind. If you have great corporate leadership, everything else will be there as well. 01/02/06 11:44:30 AM MST
  • I think Passport proved that without products nothing else mattered 01/02/06 4:57:09 AM MST
Thanks to those that have played so far. There is still time to vote on this question if you are so inclined. (About one more week, I think.)

Update: Here are the final results from this poll.
Low Start-up Costs (0) 0%
Low Cost Training (2) 17%
High Quality, Exclusive Products (5) 42%
Generous Compensation (3) 25%
Low Cost Websites (0) 0%
Corporate Leadership (1) 8%
Public Vs Privately Held (1) 8%
(There were no new comments.)

12 readers joined the poll. Thanks for sharing your opinion. The next poll will center on the highest response item of High Quality, Exclusive Products.


Anonymous network marketing tips said...

Hi Dave,

I missed the question, I would have said: Integrity of the leaders.

Something seems missing nowadays unfortunately.

Dr. K
The MLM doctor

January 04, 2006  
Blogger Dave Stone said...

Dr K.

Excellent point and I agree. Integrity seems to be in short supply throughout, not just network marketing.


January 04, 2006  

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