Network Marketing + Lotto = Money

(PRWEB) December 14, 2005 -- On December 09, 2005 Globalwon introduced the world to the first ever Networking/LOTTO opportunity. Visit http://www.globalwonbiz.com to learn how to register.

What GlobalWon has done is create a powerful new concept that allows players to satisfy two ambitions at once - GlobalWon allows you to earn a lot of money , for referring other players, while you win money by playing the GlobalWon game.

The uniqueness of this idea is based on two critical factors:

The product is a European Union licensed lotto-style numbers game based on the closing figures of 6 major European stock exchanges. All tickets are purchased on-line directly from GlobalWon's website. Because the game is licensed in Malta, a sovereign state of the EU, it is legal to play and promote in any country of the world where it is legal to take part in a lotto style numbers game.

Our commission plan is a proven one that has been designed for large payouts and long-term sustainability.

Network Marketing + Lotto = Money


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