Dream Exploitation

"You gotta have a dream!"

For years, I heard this statement, repeated ad nauseum, at business meetings and conventions, in numerous recommended books, and on countless tapes. At first glance, one may accept this as a good thing and is perhaps the first step is the goal setting process.

Unfortunately, my experience reveals to me something entirely negative and destructive.

The "dream" mantra has been the catalyst employed in some businesses to "lock" people into programs that provide little, if any, substantive benefit except to those promoting the program. The "dream" is held as the reason why people are encouraged to pursue a difficult undertaking. The "dream" is shown to be the point of fire in one's heart and mind that should propel them into action. The "dream" becomes the unquestioned acceptance; the faith and confidence that the advisors share some common element of belief and support.

But, if success is not achieved or some larger difficulty not surpassed; the common response is " your dream just isn't big enough". I can't tell you the amount of times I heard, "you need a bigger dream" as my trusted counsel would advise. Sadly, the "dream" is more like a "wedge". I suggest the analogy of a wood-splitting wedge.

The "dream" is both the driver for one's deepest, heartfelt desires and through the continuous focus upon why you need this dream, it is also a weapon that can be used to manipulate. The slogan "you gotta have a dream" could be interchangeable with something like "leave the driving to us".

My "dream" equation would be more like this: Dream leads to Vision leads to Goals leads to Action.

Yes, you may need a dream but there must be more. I'm all for dreams. No one succeeded only by dreaming. This is the first step in a progression that must conclude with activity in order to achieve it's form in reality. No one can do the dreaming for you nor set the goals necessary so you cannot expect anyone to do the work for you. Guard against those that tell you their system works, it's your "dream" that is the problem.


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