Worse Than Hype

Hype: a perceived exaggerated statement intended to influence the listener (reader) to a desired outcome. (My definition.)

Advertising and promotion is replete with the use of hype. Each company trying to jockey for market advantage of their goods and/or services, attempts to convince the consumer of the benefits they will receive for their involvement. Hype is subjective. Each listener will place their own value judgment upon whether the presentation rests on exaggeration or in the method in which it is delivered.

We have the best products in the world.
We have the lowest prices since money was invented.
Nobody cares about you more than we do....not even your mother.

Car dealerships typically use high impact, dynamic, and even bombastic delivery of their advertising message. (I think some border on being worse than those old drag race commercials....Sunday...Sunday...Sunday.)

Didn't the WWF build it's fan base on these type messages? (I know, I know, it's real.)

I can handle a little hype because I know it is at the center of the advertising paradigm. It doesn't really bother me that much. What does bother me is when the merits of goods or services become less attractive to the average consumer and then hype transforms into something altogether unacceptable.


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