A Unique Position

For many years I have been active in the home-based, direct selling industry. Like many, I spent a good deal of time and money learning the ropes. Recently, I was presented with a tremendous opportunity to join the corporate management team at Passport, LLC.

After spending years building my businesses within a few different organizations, I find myself in a very unique situation in a couple aspects.

I am now part of the leadership directing the operation of a home-based, direct selling company. I am not just an Independent Associate. I hope that my awareness of the issues that the Associate faces in building a business like this will aid in my decisions.

The other aspect, what to do with this blog? My first thought had been to shut things down, quite honestly. After some considerable soul-searching and counsel with good friends and loved ones, I will continue to maintain some level of posting consistency. The overall focus however will be changed for some very obvious reasons. Where I would like to take MLM Today is to share my insights as I move into my new position as VP at Passport.

Hopefully, this will be of some interest to the regular readers and perhaps attract some new ones. Together, this will be unexplored territory that I hope will be worthy of our time.


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