Fun For The Whole Family

In my home, we have "Family Fun Night". Each week, the family gets together to do some fun activity. It could be a dinner at a favorite restaurant, renting a DVD, playing a game, or doing some sort of craft item.
On a rotating basis, we have a different family member choose the activity for the evening. Last week, my youngest son choose to play a game called "Sleeping Grump", a board game.
This week, daddy gets pick the activity. I think I have just found the game for this week's Family Fun Night.

So Busted™ - The Game
From the fun-loving gamesters at QuixtarBlog

This game is both entertaining and educational. Not only will it allow us to have fun together as a family but it teaches conceptual relationships, grammatical studies, word associations, and developmental computer skills.
I have tested the game by playing it with my 4-year old this morning. We tried it a few times and had fun laughing at some of the results. My son had the most fun with the phrase "Billy is a poopy-butt".


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