The "End of Network Marketing?" email

I am subscribed to a few marketing newsletters. One newsletter I receive is produced by Chris Zavadowski. In the email I received today, Chris wrote about the reaction by some to a recent mailing covering the pending Federal Trade Commission action. I contacted Chris and obtained permission to post it here, in it's entirety with the only condition that I leave any linking in tact, which I have done.

I thought it an interesting email. Chris doesn't hold back in offering his perspective of the issue.

Hi Dave,


Thursday's newsletter has ignited a firestorm of messages coming into our office!

We've received everything from copies of powerful letters people sent off to the FTC...to nasty letters...to everything in between.

One former subscriber even got pissed off that I was using the article to sell my book....BUT the only problem is: I *do not* have a book...and there wasn't any pitch or offer in this article! (Guess he didn't actually *read* my

Now, if you haven't read the 100% content, and 0% pitch article, called "The End of Network Marketing?" (notice the QUESTION MARK), then check it out here to see what has everyone ignited:

Keep in mind it's part of my regular newsletter, and the regular newsletter has everything from goofy adventure videos to announcements on new resources, f'reebies, etc.

Remember, I've lived in the DC area for 23 years, worked in DC, and grew up with a Dad who was a registered lobbyist.
I'm not totally clueless about how DC works. ;)

Anyway, we did receive some excellent emails, from people like Mary out in Texas who sent us a copy of her
*excellent* letter to the FTC. (Nice job, Mary!)

While some sent in great emails, others yesterday just showed off their ignorance about what's happened in our country with the FTC and regulations. (My apologies to people in other countries...I'll get to you in a second.)

Keep in mind my article is discussing what WILL happen, if the proposed rule is passed as it currently exists....which is exactly why we need to take advantage of the open comment period the FTC makes available.

Truth be told, regulations like this have already passed, as I pointed out in the beginning of the article. And there are more anti-business rules and laws being brought against small businesses all the time.

One of the things that keeps them at bay is people like YOU and ME who voice our opinion. The USA was founded on public comment and citizens taking an active role in the process.

If no one voiced their opinion...it's very likely laws like the one I wrote about yesterday *would* pass as is.

If you thought yesterday's email was a "sky is falling"
email, then you clearly didn't read everything I said very closely.

Look at the facts:

1) MLM has *already* been regulated and attacked by the FTC (in fact, look back to the 1975-1979 battle our industry had with the FTC).

2) The rule *is* on the table, and what I said would happen
*will* happen if it is passed in its current form. It's impossible to argue that.

3) And most importantly...if this wasn't something to be worried about, then why would *EVERY* direct selling organization (DSA, MLMIA, etc.) and some of the BIGGEST network marketing companies in the world be rallying their troops to send in comments about this?

Some are even providing sample letters to send and having keynote speakers make presentations on this. And many "legal"-related email lists for our industry have been talking about this very seriously.

To think this isn't a very real threat and something that threatens your livelihood is a dangerous, and inaccurate, assumption to make. People who were appointed politically
(*not* elected) are now trying to pass more regulations that will directly effect your networking profits.

Now, for those in other countries - it's likely many of this does not apply to you. BUT, if your company is based in the USA, then don't think that you won't feel a ripple effect of any regulation that passes. You will.

That's why, I highly encourage everyone to re-read my newsletter below, especially the article about all of this.

I provided many other resources for you to investigate which will show the much larger implications from what is happening in the government right now. (Especially check out the MLMIA link and Jonathan Emord recording.)

Here's the site again:

Will it pass as is? Probably not, because every organization in our industry has been rallied against this, along with thousands of educated networkers who realize they need to speak up.

But will some version of this pass? Maybe.

And the next possible target? Online businesses (it's already happened before), reprint rights sellers and more.
If they can successfully pass rules like this in one industry, it becomes much easier for it to spread to another industry.

That's exactly why we need to voice our opinions and speak up NOW. Let these appointed "quasi-lawmakers" know what their idiotic, uneducated rulings would do to our businesses.

I've done everything I can to bring the facts, information and resources to your attention. The rest is up to you!

To your success,

Chris :)

P.S. - Again, check out the article and read all the details at the links I provided and then decide for yourself if you want to get involved. But to think that your liberties and freedoms aren't threatened every day is simply naive. Don't make that mistake.

Take an active role in the process and in defending your industry and business lifestyle!

P.P.S. - Regardless of what you do, I hope you all have a great weekend! I'm heading out on the water, so let's hope the weather holds out. :)

P.P.P.S. - Be sure to click the "COMMENTS" link on my blog and let me know what you thought about the recent newsletter (especially the "crazy adventures" video I made for you!).



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