Ellie Drake

In the current issue of HBC (Home Business Connection) magazine, there is an article about Ellie Drake. I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Ellie. She was a guest trainer in the Passport Guest Speaker series and offers an inspiring story of her journey to the United States from Iran.
My Journey to America
"I was born in Tehran, Iran. For many year during my childhood, I started feeling that something was not quite right in the country that I was born in. People around me told me to give up on my dreams, because to have a dream and not have the opportunity to pursue my dreams would hurt so much. I was in Iran during the bombing of Iran-Iraq war. One day with my own eyes, I saw a rocket in the sky not too far up. It landed on the same street as my High School. For many years, I started dreaming about starting my life in a country where I would have the choice to pursue my passions."
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