Want Good Qualified MLM Leads?

Want Good Qualified MLM Leads?
by Jay Kanik

"You need to look at this from outside the box, this took me years to understand, if I can help you see this and catch you early enough that you don't spend thousands of dollars buying mlm leads, opportunity seekers, or worn out genealogy lists then I have accomplished what I have set out to do in this article. Even if I can touch another person that was like me a year ago, stuck in the rut, cold calling leads all day for a few measly signups a month (in a truly un-duplicable system)...that's great too.

If these lead companies had such good quality leads, why don't they just join an mlm and get all these fantastic-super-qualified-leads to enroll with them and make millions of dollars in residual income? Did you just have an ah-ha moment? It gets better...

The fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as an exclusive lead, you know this first hand! Look back at the times when you were looking for a business opportunity; you went online looked in Google for online opportunities, you looked in the news paper for local business builders to work with, you were reading networking magazines...You were all over the map! Sometimes when a legitimate person called you back from an ad in the paper you responded to on Tuesday, you had to say 'what are you talking about?'"


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