LifeQuest Network - Now In Pre-Launch

In a recent issue of Network Marketing Business Journal, I found an ad promoting the US launch of a new company. What caught my attention was the name, Len Clements, named in association with this new company. Len may be famaliar to readers of MLM Today for his contribution to the industry. Len Clements, author of Inside Network Marketing, has collaborated with such networking notables as John Milton Fogg and Tom "Big Al" Schreiter. Clements is also responsible for the site, MarketWave. My first introduction to Len Clements was shortly after I had joined Passport. Len started the Epic Network International company, which seemed similiar in many ways to Passport in it's core philosophy.
Recently, my friend at Multilever has received permission from Len to publish his articles on his page.

I found this background info at a company pre-launch page.
Welcome to LifeQuest Network – The Home Based Business Solution™

LifeQuest Network was born in Japan in November 2003 with its main headquarters based in Nara – the original capital of Japan. LifeQuest has evolved from over 13 years of successful hands-on experience through its creators, Mr. Anthony Diaz and Ms. Lani Dizon. As successful distributors, consultants, and company founders, they have established their reputation as being trendsetters in the industry. With their experience, they have formed the most dynamic opportunity, along with a professional and dedicated management team with proven track records and diverse backgrounds. They have also formed strategic partnerships with one of the leading product manufacturers in the United States and court certified MLM expert Len Clements, founder and CEO of the premier MLM research and analysis organization MarketWave, Inc.. Together, this highly passionate team strives for perfection, teamwork, and the ideal environment for better health, wealth, and personal development.


Blogger Jack and Annett said...

Great blog thanks for the info.

July 20, 2008  
Anonymous MLM Classifieds said...

Interesting and well written articles.
An interesting fact that has always captivate people is that mlm or network marketing thrives during rain or shine. There is no recession in this industry and will continue to grow from strength top strength.

MLMers are also looking for something unique and not another same traditional offering. MLM is still at its infancy stage or perhaps growth stage. Lets see what the new wave mlm would be able to offer in this new millennium.

Keep us posted.

May 13, 2009  

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