Any Color You Wish - As Long As It's Pink

The time-honored tradition continues at Mary Kay. From the front page of the Detroit News today, here is a story about the relationship between GM and the cosmetics marketer. One tidbit included in the article below is that General Motors has produced about 100,000 cars for Mary Kay in their nearly 40 year association.

Mary Kay loves GM for its eye-popping Cadillacs
Brett Clanton / The Detroit News

Right now, hundreds of thousands of Mary Kay cosmetics sellers are competing for a unique trophy that has distinguished the best among them for nearly 40 years -- the keys to their very own pink Cadillac.

And next month, on a stage in Dallas, a few misty-eyed winners will claim their reward.

The honor of producing the Mary Kay Cadillac has not been lost on General Motors Corp., which through the years has fought to keep the account amid competition from suitors and a slump at its Cadillac brand during the 1980s and 1990s.

But the relationship may be equally important to Mary Kay, whose brand identity has been tied to the luxury car marque from the cosmetic company's earliest days. Rewarding top sellers with, say, a pink Lexus just wouldn't be the same.
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