My first involvement in Network Marketing began with Amway and then the online adaptation, Quixtar. I am sure there are some that read MLM Today that share this common experience. The Alticor family of companies, owners of the Amway and Quixtar networks, utilize a systems-based structure for motivation and training. Conceptually, not unlike many other companies in MLM, at least from all outward appearances. Not all systems remain equal however. When a system becomes a profit center, it's effectiveness may become suspect. When enrollment in a system assumes primacy, actual results tend to suffer.

Systems are utilized to maximize the opportunity for effective training for new enrollees and provide "proven and consistent" principles derived from successful business development. A system of education and motivation should have one real purpose or objective - to produce results for those that engage the process. These results should be experienced at every level of the training process.

Effective systems need to provide the broadest possible appeal to a wide cross-section of participants. It will necessarily need to teach the "how-to" elements as well as motivational components. It should strive to be the "equalizer" for your organization.

Are systems required to achieve success in Network Marketing?
Of course not.

Having access to a system of education can help make your efforts a bit easier in terms of your time management. It is helpful having an available resource that allows you to direct your new team members while you assist them in getting up to speed. As an upline leader, we should not seek to be the keeper of all knowledge. We should encourage our teams to utilize as many resources as needed to receive the information they require.


Anonymous Jonny said...

How much does the product's viability affect the marketability of a particular MLM opportunity? Are most people blindly jumping in to every opportunity that presents itself without analyzing the company, the product, and their legitimacy?

May 27, 2006  
Blogger Dave Stone said...

That's a great point. I would guess that first-timers to Network Marketing may do as you suggest. For those that join their second or third company; I believe they have the knowledge of what to look for as the pitfalls.

May 27, 2006  

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