Friendships and Business

In our profession of Network Marketing, we recognize and encourage the development of relationships. We look for opportunities to connect with others on a personal level. We seek common experiences and ambitions to establish rapport. As we advance through our business growth, we experience personal growth through the associations we develop.

If we are fortunate, we may even begin to form what may be lasting friendships with the people in our business. In my opinion, this last is the one greatest, intangible benefit from building a networking career.

I have also witnessed, however, that the title of "friend" can also be bandied about far too carelessly; even generically. Perhaps this is the current trend within our culture today and, if so, I think that most unfortunate.

We may introduce our products and business opportunity to our friends. We may begin to build the bridges of friendship with those in our organization. I believe it is critically important to respect and uphold the value of friendships whenever it is granted. Being a friend involves a commitment far beyond the mechanics of the business and carries the expectation of mutual trust and emotional investment. Friendship involves sharing in common core values but begins with honesty and openness.

Friendships formed or maintained solely for business purposes are merely proprietary associations. We may have friendly relationships with others through our business but the first step to allow these associations to develop into true friendships rest with us.


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