MLM Today Reader Poll # 3

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This week's question is:

If you are currently marketing nutritional supplements, which product form is used?
  • Liquid
  • Capsule
  • Hard - Cap
  • Powder

Note: If your company markets multiple formulas, please select the most popular product type.


Anonymous Mark said...

What delivery method a company uses is a fair question. A more important question is what is the absorbancy rate you achieve and how is that accomplished? Powder, Liquid, capsule, they all work, it goes beyond that. What science are you using to increase absorbency.
Mark Caprin-Burg

January 15, 2006  
Blogger Dave Stone said...

In addition to those concerns, the receptiveness and convenience on the part of the consumer needs to be considered.
A majority of the American public do not regularly use nutritional supplements despite the fact they may recognize their need for them.
Having a delivery system that is acceptable to the consumer and can be easily integrated into their lifestyle may tend to make the product more attractive.
I have heard of studies that suggest a liquid delivery system is more effective, in terms of attaining consistent dosing, as most are kept in the refrigerator. Typcially, encapsulated formats are kept in cupboards. These reports state that the average person will open the refrigerator 22 - 30 times per day while they may open a cupboard only 5 - 9 per times per day.
The increased activity will bolster the "supplementation habit" through this exposure.

January 15, 2006  
Blogger Dave Stone said...

Of course, the liquid product has to have at least a moderately pleasing taste.

January 15, 2006  

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