MLM Today Reader Poll #2 Results

Here are the final results from the second MLM Today Reader Poll.
There were 18 readers that placed their votes and here is the way things broke down.

Q: As a networker, which product segment is most attractive for you to sell?

Household Products (3) 17%
Telecommunication Services (1) 6%
Personal Care Products (2) 11%
Nutritional Supplements (11) 61%
Professional Services (Legal, Investments) (1) 6%

Here were some comments shared by a few folks that stopped by:

  • Health and wellness industry is growing as never before, that's why I joined a nutrition company with an exclusive patented product. Great website. Congratulations
  • Nutirtional products have a higher impact on people's lives than phone service, shampoo, or make up...although some women may argue about makeup.
  • why limit your store to one product line?

MLM Today Reader Poll #3 will be added shortly. Thanks again to those that have shared their opinion and cast their votes.


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