Bizz Bang Buzz: The Unwritten Rules of Sports -- Written

At last. A description of the subtle (and not-so-subtle) nuances of the fundamental philosophy of sports. Here's my favorite part of this post.
1.0. Don't do anything to embarrass yourself, your opponent or the game.

1.1. Don't celebrate an empty-net goal.

2.0. Play the game the right way.

2.1. Fighting is acceptable, but retribution with intent to injure is not.
2.15. Always observe Hammurabi's Code ("an eye for an eye”)
2.2. If you've got it coming to you, take your punishment.
2.3. Don't challenge players to a fight when wearing a visor.
2.35. If you're going to "dangle your gloves," you have to drop them -- don't fake it to draw your opponent into a penalty.
2.4. Always give your goalie's pads a tap with your stick before the game starts.
2.5. Don't shoot the puck on net after the whistle blows.
2.6. Never clear the zone up the middle -- use the boards.
2.7. Keep your head up through the neutral zone.
2.8. Don't give the opposing goalie a "snow job," spraying ice chips in his face with your skates, unless you want to pay.
2.9. If a player on your team has two goals, do all you can to get him a hat trick.

Bizz Bang Buzz: The Unwritten Rules of Sports -- Written

With the current labor dispute in the NHL, I think everyone in the league needs to read Rule 1.0 - Thanks to Bizz Bang Buzz


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