A New Avenue For Spew

So blogging wasn't getting it done. Move next to several non-moderated forums. Here's yet another attempt for Google bombing?

Rip Off Report.

There is suddenly a conspicuous series of complaints appearing on this "consumer advocacy" web site from people claiming to be former-Passport employees. Right! I have a friend who's cousin knows a guy that once heard about this girl's mother who almost married Elvis!

The king of cut-and-paste blogging continues to disclose his multi-personality disorder. As one method dries up and the motives are made clear, they switch gears to further manipulate.

This site claims to be a consumer advocacy organization but they are little more than a "bitch board". Within moments of my posting a rebuttal on this site, I received an email seeking donations. This group is apparently being sued. Imagine. There was something I found interesting though. Before one can post, users must check a box stating that the content is based on truthful statements.

Blogger and Rich Dad and others don't mind lies, I wonder if Rip Off Report does.


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