Couple was singled out by their killer

I saw this report from the MLM Survivors Club.
TAMPA - Whoever killed Darren and Heather Kaiser in their Plant City home last weekend was no stranger, Plant City police Chief Bill McDaniel said Thursday. McDaniel said the Kaisers, found dead Saturday in the home that doubles as their business, knew or were "comfortable with" their killer or killers.

"It does not appear that this is a random act of violence," the chief said. "They were singled out."

McDaniel remained mum Thursday on most details of the case. He would not divulge possible motives for the slaying, other than to say it doesn't appear the Kaisers were victims of a robbery or burglary.

He said there was no sign of a struggle, but police still haven't said how the Kaisers were killed, other than to say they suffered "upper body trauma."

Darren Kaiser, 37; and Heather Kaiser, 26, were found dead Saturday afternoon inside the home where they operated three businesses.

The Kaisers ran Car Search 4 U, Kaiser Real Estate and Kaiser Business Consultants from the $212,000 home at 1905 N Gordon St., where they moved late last year. The couple, married since 2001, also owned Quixtar, an Internet venture that is related to Amway Corp.

Tampabay: Chief: Couple was singled out by their killer

It is horrible to consider that there is any possible link to this couple's assailant and their involvement with an MLM.


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