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Creation and Intuition Nourishes Intention by Ellie Drake

Are you allowing yourself to be creative and intuitive? Creation and Intuition nourishes Intention.
Self expression frees our life force to move and therefore this flow of energy allows us to tap into a warm peaceful state of being. This state might be similar or different for people according to the difference in our creativity. Learning to follow our intuition with creation involves taking chances. This is the only way to learn not only what works, but also how to learn to trust our instincts whether it is in performing a personal project or connecting with other people.
One of the bigger intuitive moves I have ever made was when I was 15 years old. I remember sitting in a large room at the American Embassy when we were hoping to receive a visa to come to America. I could hardly speak any English, although I had tried to study English on my own, and had even taken a few classes. But learning a few words is obviously not enough to make a conversation, especially a conversation that would perhaps determine the course of your life. When our number was called to go to the consulate and be interviewed, I had a sudden intuitive feeling. I remember my Mom was about to bring a translator into our interview area with us when I told her that I wanted to speak to the consulate myself. She looked at me like I had lost my mind. Intuitive feelings fuel our intention. So when she felt my intention, she agreed although I remember she shook her head all the way to the interview booth as if she had lost her mind to agree with my proposal. But in most cases, loosing our mind is the reason why we hear our intuition. My intuition inspired me to want to speak to the consulate myself. Had I known that the conversation would be a mostly one way conversation, I might have allowed fear stop me, by getting back in my mind. It turned out although my answers to the questions that the consulate was asking sounded very similar one after the other, but I guess he must have felt the intention. My part of conversation was mostly comprised of two words. "Repeat Please?" But as we have already heard, it’s not only the words, it’s also the music.

Creativity allows us to be more intuitive, and less analytical. Be light, be joyous, make a difference in how another feels by perhaps changing the way you feel. Creativity is a state of consciousness in which a person aligns their inner energy and vibration with the pure universal energy which is the source of all creativity. A creative person is not one who has had creativity as a personality trait, or a genetic factor. It also does not mean that a creative person is only an eccentric type of individual who is into arts and music. Although that certainly can be true, but creativity is a source of energy that all who would like to tap into it, have the ability to do so.
Creativity is accelerated when the person is following their passion. This is a more natural state for the person and therefore to tap into creativity in the areas that are more intrinsic, facilitates the connection to and therefore the flow of creative energy and ideas. For Example, I can be creative in what I am passionate about, which is speaking, much more than I will ever be creative in what is not my passion and therefore not a part of my purpose. For example, being a Chef! I know! It‘s a good excuse!. In other words, I can sing my Song much more naturally than if I were to sing yours.

When creativity flows, we must simply acknowledge that we were open to the flow of it from the universe by expressing gratitude. Not being aware of this source, and crediting our creativity with our own intellectual capacity simply means that we have credited our ego not the universe! The ego can in turn block the flow of creativity. Therefore, if the universe is to be credited with our experience of creativity, doesn’t that simply mean that creativity is abundantly available for all of us? Since it is not a personality trait or a genetic factor, doesn’t that mean that we can connect to creativity? To access a state of being creative, is it a calculated science or a connective art? Is it essential to have external circumstances in order, or vital to have internal emotions in harmony?

Creative experiences occur through a shift in paradigm. A shift in paradigm takes place through the evolving of our consciousness. Creativity is a fruit of consciousness. The source of all consciousness is the universe. Therefore, creativity is an infinite form of energy available to all who will allow it by being in harmony with the universe. An attitude of gratitude will encourage the flow of creativity. It is neither the genes nor the IQ, it is merely the willingness of one to be open.

Are you open?

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