It Is What It Is

No matter what fashionable name you give it.

Relationship Marketing
Consumer Direct Marketing
New School Marketing
Multilevel Marketing
Network Marketing

Take your pick. The core concept remains largely unchanged and just because you advertise it under a different designation, don't expect that it will suddenly empower more people to become successful.

Lead with product or lead with opportunity? It only matters to what your prospect is looking for at that time. Got great products? Excellent. There are a lot of companies that do. Got a great pay plan? Ditto.

Whatever emphasis you utilize to drive your enterprise -
Whatever terms you use to define your business model -
Your success in this business rests more upon how people relate to you. People can tell if you believe what you say. If you believe that a product first approach is best, the people you talk with will sense your belief. People will only join your business if they believe they can trust you. The strength of your leadership will resonate with others and they will be able to sense a phony right away.

Don't get hung up on learning the new terminology as being critical to your success. It's just cliche'. Stop striving to perfect the ultimate pitch line. I suggest you recognize that what you are actually marketing is YOU. Just be your best, be honest, be fair, keep it simple.

There is no trendy name for this source of power. It's YOU, simply YOU.


Blogger Ty Tribble said...

Great post. I wish I could find more Dave Stones.

August 08, 2006  
Blogger David Robison said...

I couldn't had said it better myself. Dave, you rock, as usual.

Dave R.

August 08, 2006  
Blogger Dave Stone said...

Thanks guys! I appreciate the support.

August 08, 2006  

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