Consider This A Test

Currently having some trouble with Blogger adding new posts. I hope to have the problem resolved soon.

UPDATE: Ahhh. It seems that the problem was short-lived but ...

UPDATE #2: I thought it too good to be true. Problems still. Cannot get new posts to update. I guess these updates will post when they can?


Blogger Aaron Cook said...


Are you able to add new posts now? I just tested mine with a temporary post and it went up with no trouble.

Hope yours works fine as well. Probably just a temporary Blogger glitch.


August 15, 2006  
Blogger Dave Stone said...


It was weird. Whenever I would post, Blogger reported an error stating a problem with the database. The problem seems to have been resolved now. It was odd because I had just posted my 600th entry when it broke.
Thanks for checking.


August 15, 2006  

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